• Styrotek uses #6 Expandable Polystyrene which is 100% Recyclable.

  • EPS leaves a smaller footprint on the planet than other comparable materials.

  • Less plastic and more air. EPS is 98% air and 2% recyclable plastic.

  • EPS makes up less than 1% of municipal solid waste based on both weight and volume.

  • Recycling foam containers makes them reusable for products like surfboards or beverage coolers.

  • Americans generate less packaging waste per person now than they did two decades ago.

The difference between good fruitgreat fruit


Styrotek’s specialized EPS grape shipping containers provide an ideal packaging solution that protects your product from the field to the produce aisle. Our containers combine impact shielding, moisture loss prevention, and effective thermal insulation to maintain perfect transport temperatures and prevent bacteria growth, all of which helps you deliver more ready to sell fruit and maximize revenue.

Custom Solutions

Styrotek works with individual clients to understand your unique produce packaging needs and develops customized EPS protective packaging solutions.  Watch our Video

We protect your fruit, down to the last grape.

Our company was founded by table grape growers for table grape growers and our ultimate customers – the consumer. Since 1973, Styrotek has focused on developing the most effective grape packaging systems available to ensure your product makes it to its retail destination with off-the-vine freshness and appeal. Our packaging preserves the grapes’ natural ripeness and juiciness all the way to the market and beyond. Trust Styrotek’s more than 40 years of experience and commitment to fresh grape and produce transport.

Expandable Polystyrene Grapes