Custom solutions to maximize efficiency

Styrotek has a 40+ year history of producing EPS packaging. Our experience as EPS shape molders makes us an ideal resource for custom solutions. Whether you are in the healthcare industry, food industry, or in the need for temperature packaging solutions, we’ve got you covered!

Several factors contribute to the best packaging for each situation:

  • Thickness of box – Thicker boxes are stronger, more protective, and provide better insulation
  • Density of foam – Foam density creates strength for stacking
  • Ventilation requirements – Ventilation holes in containers allow for chilling contents
  • Size of box – Content volume drives box size, related to ease of handling
  • Transportation configuration – Efficient organization of containers determines shipment quantity and protects from movement that can lead to damage

    Supply Chain Advantages

    Growers want to deliver the freshest produce possible with minimal product spoilage. For Styrotek, preservation and helping customers make higher margins is a priority. Grocers can trust that Styrotek containers will arrive with less damage/spoilage, less chemical residue, and maintain shelf life longer than produce packed in alternative packaging (plastic containers, corrugated cardboard, etc.). And because EPS containers are 100% recyclable, there’s no sacrifice to the environment for a high quality product.

    Talk with Styrotek about your product storage and shipping challenges. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that enhances your business.