Styrotek Invests in Customer Success

A group of San Joaquin Valley grape growers founded Styrotek in 1973 with a commitment to developing the most effective table grape transport packaging solution available. Today, Styrotek is still owned by California Central Valley growers who understand the critical need to preserve the shelf life of fruit.

Growers trust Styrotek to keep fruit as fresh as possible from California fields to produce departments around the world. We manufacture environmentally sustainable packaging for the grape industry.

Customers Value Styrotek

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Product Quality

We understand that profitability in the agriculture business depends on consistent quality and delivering fresh fruit in excellent condition. Styrotek is committed to creating an excellent product. All producers use the same raw material; it’s what we do with it that matters.

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Customer Relationships

Styrotek began as its’ own customer. We know how you want to be treated and understand the issues you face every day. Our business continues to grow because of the trust customers place in our relationships and products.

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We listen to customer concerns and respond with solutions that fit the need. We are big enough to produce large orders quickly and efficiently, and small enough to build and maintain personal relationships with each customer and track each shipment from beginning to end.

Environmentally-Sustainable Custom Containers

Our experience in agriculture makes us an ideal resource for custom packaging solutions for other types of food. We understand the issues of growers and the supply chain. Benefits of our Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) packaging include:


Able to withstand bumps and movement without damage to contents.


Shields against devastating high temperatures and humidity.


Easy to move from place-to-place and uses less fuel to transport.


Highly recyclable, minimal energy required to produce and transport.